We deliver confidential and customized consulting services to our clients.

In case you are searching for a family office consultant that can help you manage your single or multi-family office, KORE Consulting LLC can provide you with direct investment as well as investment portfolio help, hands-on operational management, and develop a high quality plug-and-play infrastructure to meet your needs.

We have a professional network who is available to best serve you. Our network includes: tax specialists, deal origination professionals, data and due diligence researchers, executive recruiters and reporting specialists.

Our service providers or yours, we offer practical solutions to our clients while they navigate the complex challenges associated with managing substantial financial and business assets. The KORE Consulting LLC team helps bring an objective and fresh perspective to help our clients investigate and learn more about their future options and make the best decisions.

Asset Purchasing Services

At a minimum there are four service providers involved with acquiring a new asset – broker, lawyer, bank & insurance. Our team will help coordinate your purchase of a new asset (i.e. property, vehicle, artwork or other) acting as your advocate from initiation of the purchase to its closing. This enables you to better utilize your time managing or enjoying your wealth.

Tax Preparation Services

Our tax preparer and CPA network is knowledgeable, efficient, responsive and offer our clients tax saving advice. Whether or not we prepare your books, KORE Consulting LLC helps our clients get organized, tackling their taxes effectively and efficiently.

We take a proactive approach, and request all relevant documents and ask questions to ensure we have all the information required for preparation of a credible and accurate tax return.

Day tracking reporting services are also available for clients that are non-US persons who are required to file tax returns on US income, or income in other jurisdictions.

New Investment Analysis

A thorough and detailed understanding of the risks and value of any investment opportunity is one of the prerequisites to make the best investment decision. We will help you with the valuation of potential investments as well as qualitative due diligence on the asset, so that you can make an informed decision.

Property Management Services

KORE may provide oversight of realtors, rental agreements, and property maintenance to ensure your investment properties have low turnaround, are running cost efficiently and don’t get overlooked when marketed for rent or sale.

New Entity/Account Services

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! At KORE we have an extensive understanding of the due diligence requirements for establishing onshore and offshore entity structures, bank account, and initiating service agreements. We work with onshore or offshore services providers to ensure their timely and cost-efficient execution on your behalf.

Human Resource Services

We will:
⦁ Hire domestic staff on your behalf (such as nannies, chauffeurs, chefs, private tutors and other household staff)
⦁ Manage household employees
⦁ Healthcare plan reviews
⦁ Organize private events

Personal and Family Security

From time to time our clients travel and events requires the hire of private security. Through the KORE network we are able to make trusted security arrangements for our clients.

If you require a consulting service that is not listed above, please let us know and we will make a concerted effort to analyze it and best assist you and your wealth portfolio.