The aggregate of our services should be higher than the sum of individual stand-alone service.

Quarterly financial reports offer our clients a consolidated and comprehensive 360-degree view of their wealth holdings.  This allows you to make timely and fully informed investment decisions, as well as strategic planning for your liquidity needs.

At KORE Consulting LLC, the foundation of reporting services value is that the aggregate of our services should be higher than the sum of individual stand-alone service. With that in mind as our clients’ reliable advocate, we recognize and understand that beyond the anticipation of competence and creativity, which is sought by clients within the standard delivery of professional services, there is a lot to be gained from the effective management and integration of professional services.

The technological platforms that we utilize are designed for families and high net worth individuals who have complex investment portfolios and want to stay up to date and confident when it comes to their financial decisions.


We begin the reporting process through an introductory meeting with an executed confidentiality agreement as we take your financial information seriously. Through the on-boarding process, we will review your goals and discuss immediate concerns while also examining your current operational structure and data storage system so that we can make a planned transfer of your secured data. In this meeting, you will provide us an introduction to your current service providers so that we can do our own quantitative and qualitative fact finding, data review, and create a customized support build-out utilizing secured reporting systems.


KORE prides itself on providing detailed and collective reporting on all assets held by our clients. Inherent in our process is a quarterly in-person review to outline where you are in relation to your current investment goals and objectives. In this review, we will provide you with consolidated net worth reports that are centered on budget updates, lifestyle changes, upcoming purchases, investment performance, asset allocations, service providers, project management, and goals and planning. The quarterly reporting will be customized and include detailed information from all current service providers.


When it comes to securely transferring your data and storing your business and financial documents, you can rest assured that your confidentiality and security are a top priority to KORE. Our server is located behind a hardened Cisco Firewall with stateful inspection and intrusion detection.  The only method of access is through a VPN using IPsec with 256-bit AES algorithm, and our server backup is hosted a Tier-4 secured facility offshore.

For reporting systems, it is important to note that we utilize a Tier 1, SAS 70 certified co-located hosting facilities with 24x7x365 monitoring. All files are transmitted in encrypted format utilizing the TLS protocol and 256-bit AES algorithm. Client data is identified in the system utilizing account coding’s and hosted on our server with 256-bit AES algorithm and Cisco Firewall